How does Topple Track work?

We scan the internet for content that matches the release info you provide. Once we identify pirated content we send out automated DMCA takedown requests to Google to remove the URLs from their search results and/or the website operators.

I've found illegal links, how can I report them to Topple Track?

In the top left of the site click Dashboard -> Releases. Find the release you want to report an illegal link for and click "View" on the right side under Actions. Next scroll to the bottom and find where the Tracks are listed and you'll see a button for "Add Illegal Link" where you can submit a request of us to manually process that URL.

What is the difference between Toppled and Hidden?

Hidden means that we've sent DMCA takedown notice to a search engine that had indexed (provided it in search results) to remove the offending URL from their search indexes so that people searching for your content on will not find it on Google or Bing.

Toppled means that we've sent DMCA notices directly to the contact we have for handling copyright abuses on that particular website to get the content removed.

How do I turn of protection auto-renewal on a release?

Once logged in to Topple Track just scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a "disable protection" button for the release in question under the Status column. That will disable the piracy protection from auto-renewing.

I don't see my question answered!

Please contact us directly at info@toppletrack.com for further assistance.

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