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Verify Your Label Account

Get your Spotify Verification Badge for your label or brand by visiting here.

Verify Artist/Band Account

Information on this here.

Update Your Artist Image

To ensure your artist avatar image is up to date on all Spotify platforms (i.e. Desktop, Mobile, iPad) you MUST have a Rovi ID to process.

Please fill out and submit an image update request and upload an image to Rovi via the forms below.

Information before you submit:

– Is your content registered with Rovi? If your artist has an All Music Guide page, this is indication that content is registered with the company. Should you not, please submit this document at
– Images submitted here will take up to two (2) weeks to process.
– If you chose not to update your image, the default image will be your most current AllMusic page image.
– If you do not have an AllMusic/Rovi ID the default image is your most recent album cover.

Should you have any other Rovi related question please contact For a successful image update please fill out and press submit for the following:

– The Rovi Image Doc and
– Upload a 2048 x 2048 pixel JPEG to the Box folder.


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