What do you do to prevent copyright infringement?

Symphonic has proprietary technology and partnerships that scans your audio to ensure that we are distributing material that is not previously released and/or illegally sampled. In addition, once uploading into various providers, if we receive any sort of legal dispute or complaint we act immediately.

Any time that an issue arises, we will not be responsible. We are simply a music distribution company that works with record labels and artists who grant us the permission to deliver the music from their location to servers of partners and digital service providers all over the world thus, if we are to receive any cease and desist for your material, we will not be held responsible and any and all legal fees will be passed down to you.

Symphonic has a ZERO tolerance policy for anyone that is purposely abusing and committing copyright infringement. We can potentially terminate your account, charge you additional legal fees, and provide information to anyone who is stating that their rights are being infringed upon without any hesitation. Please, do not do anything or distribute anything that you are not sure is 100% correct, compliant, sample free, and/or illegal. Doing so, you will rest easy and won't have any issues to be concerned about.

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