My release isn't on Spotify!

This article pertains mostly to the time period of October through December 2016.

The reason for your potential release delay on Spotify falls strictly due to a change with how Spotify processes deliveries. Many people do not know but Spotify used to use a partner by the name of GMB (Global Media Bank). Every distributor delivered releases to them and they then delivered to Spotify.

Unfortunately, GMB abruptly shut down and thus many distributors and labels have had their releases delayed. This also means that artists who work very hard have had their releases further delayed with companies like us having to spend a lot of time to resolve the matter.

While it may not make the situation better, we wanted you to know and see that the issue or delays are not due to Symphonic but rather to the issue of GMB shutting down. An article has been posted about this via Music Business Worldwide and you can view it here.

The situation is being worked on heavily and we ask for your patience and understanding as the matter is quite frustrating to us as it is for you as well.

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  • Hello friends!
    It is very informative! MANY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!
    But I think that this is not a problem, and you can easily solve this issue!
    In Rial You are the best!
    Sincerely ILISHO RECORDS.

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