About this Help Center

This Help Center aims to be an ever evolving encyclopedia of everything Symphonic, its brands, services, and affiliates. The goal is to additionally provide a lot of helpful industry advice, tutorial videos, and much more to help maximize your experience in the music industry.

We add new articles every single day according to questions that you may directly ask us through the process of creating a ticket.

Because of this, we look at this as more than just a simple area to answer Frequently Asked Questions. This is an area for you to learn and get essentially every question answered. 

Each section listed is written in a way to help you understand from the most basic to the most complicated. There are a lot of articles but the reason for this is to ensure that you get as much if not every detail possible pertaining to the section you are in.

Lastly, if it looks a bit daunting, type in your request via our "Search" to find particular topics and, if your question is not answered here, please create a ticket and we can aim to add it to our knowledge base to further help others.

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