How To Get Verified On Spotify

Symphonic artists and labels can now create Verified Spotify Accounts.  Once your Verified Spotify Account is activated, you can start to build a community of fans who want to discover music through you. Each time you make a playlist or share a song, they’ll hear it.

Once verified, your account will be linked to your discography pages, making them easily searchable within the service.  Remember, "followers" are essentially users who you can reach directly whenever you have new music to promote.  You are creating a valuable direct-to-fan channel within Spotify.

Verify Your Label Account

For verifying a label account you can submit a request to Spotify here. If after a few weeks you do not hear back or are having issues with verification we advise you reach out on twitter to @SpotifyCares and provide them with information they request for verification.

Verify Artist/Band Account

The verified artist program is becoming a part of Spotify for Artists. All artists who have access to their Spotify for Artists profile will automatically get the verified check on their artist page. Fan Insights is now Spotify for Artists and they’ve integrated everything into one platform. You can also manage your profile through Spotify for Artists. Click here for simple instructions on how to do so.

If your album is incorrectly listed on another artist page or, you see an album credited to you that does not belong to you, please go to this article.

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