Audio File Specifications & Requirements for Distribution

All audio files submitted need to be 44.1kHz and 16-bit stereo audio ONLY (.wav format is recommended)

  • (Mp3s, Aiffs, Wmas, Flacs will all need to be be re-encoded to 44khz/16 bit stereo wav)

File size can not exceed 250MB per track

*Please remove all embedded metadata from the audio files before submitting the release, having metadata embedded in the file can cause issues with the upload (partners do not process the metadata through the file, this is why you enter the metadata information in the other fields provided).

***The difference is negligible to the end user for higher file formats. DO NOT send us higher resolution or higher bit depth files. They will be rejected and you will have to start over which may delay your release time. If you need a audio encoder, click here.

For LUFS - We recommend using between 12-14 LUFS TP 1 with our system. Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube have their own loudness/compression algorithms. 14 LUFS TP-1 is ideal for Spotify and Youtube, Tidal uses around 14, Apple Music uses around 16 or so.


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