Best Practices for Preparing Your Release

When getting ready to submit a release for approval following the suggested guidelines will increase your chances for a first time approval:


- Do plan to submit your release 3-4 weeks before the release date Click Here for More Information

(Also watch this video to understand why we recommend this).

- Do make sure the first letter of each word is capitalized for the tracks, titles and artists

  •  “Let’s get this party started” (This is incorrect. Only the first word is capitalized)

  • “Let’s Get This Party Started” (This is correct. The title is capitalized appropriately.)

- Do mark songs properly explicit if applicable. You could be penalized for not doing so. Click Here For More Information

- Do make sure your album art is a square 2400x2400 pixels image at high resolution meaning it looks crisp. View release cover standards here.

- Do double check everything before submitting to make sure all artists and track names are spelled correctly

- Make sure your audio is 44.1kHz 16-bit .flac or .wav format and ensure it is fully mastered. View this video in regards to why Mastering matters.


- Do not include Producer credits in any titles. If you would like them credited they must be listed as a primary or featuring artist.

- Do not put release time frames such as new release, exclusive, or out xx/xx or anything involving time frames on the artwork

- Do not use terms such as Album or Edited or Clean in the release title. Please mark the release Explicit if applicable or not.

- Do not put store logos or names on the cover art i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. Click Here for More Information

- Do not list featured artists as primary or at the release level, only as featured and on the song in which they are featured.

- Do not use images containing nudity or copyrighted works. Do not submit the first image you find on Google. Be unique with your release. Click Here for More Information 

  • *We also offer album art design services. Create A Ticket For A Quote



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