How do I claim my artist page?

Have you claimed your page yet? Remember that most retailers offer the option of allowing you to have an artist and/or label page. Remember to claim yours! Below you will find the instructions on how to with each particular retailer.

Verify Your Label Account

Get your Spotify Verification Badge for your label or brand by visiting here.

Verify Artist/Band Account

The verified artist program is becoming a part of Spotify for Artists. All artists who have access to their Spotify for Artists profile will automatically get the verified check on their artist page. Fan Insights is now Spotify for Artists and they’ve integrated everything into one platform. You can also manage your profile through Spotify for Artists. Click here for simple instructions on how to do so.

If your album is incorrectly listed on another artist page or, you see an album credited to you that does not belong to you, please go to this article.


Beatport Artist Page

Every artist has the possibility of getting an artist page Beatport. The requirements are basic but very important. First, the photograph MUST BE a professional artist photograph 590×404 JPG and you can also include an artist bio as well. If these two requirements are met, and you have music being sold on Beatport, then you can visit this website to submit your artist picture. The same procedure must be done if you wish to change. Click here and update yours!

Beatport Label Page

Similarly to the Artist Page you can also have your label profile updated as well. In this case you will need your picture requirement of Tile Image (500×500.) If you are interested in updated yours click here!


With iTunes you can place artist images for your artists and even include galleries! This greatly helps the consumer identify better with an artist! Artist Images must be .jpg files, square, 2400 x 2400 pixels, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. Do not upscale. Only upload images you can legally share worldwide are accepted. To get an artist page done, please create a ticket with the picture in the format specified as well as your artist name as it appears on iTunes! You must have an account with Symphonic for us to change this image!

Note: (By uploading images you agree each image is lawful and you have cleared all necessary rights (such as publicity rights, copyrights, and trademarks) for worldwide use by Apple to display them in the iTunes Store and related materials, and deliver them to end users for display in iTunes and related software, in association with artist’s music)

Claiming your Apple Music Profile

1. Click on the “Learn more about Connect for artists” link then on “Get started
2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
3. Click on the “+” sign for adding an artist and search for your artist name
4. Select your role (artist, band member, manager) and fill out the fields. If you don’t have a manager or label, just enter your own information for both.
5. Click “Submit”
6. You will soon receive an email confirmation.

Once your submission is approved you can log back in and start updating your artist profile!



You can follow the link here: 

1. Have one of the following: a verified Twitter, Facebook or 1,000 followers on Soundcloud

Google Play Music

If you’ve chosen to distribute on Google Play through Symphonic Distribution you can claim your store page for free, saving you the $25 fee for page creation.

* Visit

* Search for your artist page

* See it? Claim it for $0

* Not there? Make sure you’ve opted to distribute on Google Play

Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online, beatport distribution


Artist Pages collects artist discography, bio, photos, links to website(s) + social media and related editorial. Artist info is supplied and can be sent to

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