The following clause is taken from our Distribution agreement and this Help Center topic is created with the intention of translating our agreement in a way that can further be understood.

: Symphonic Distribution agrees to distribute and license Client's recordings to Partners that sell, distribute, transmit, stream, perform or otherwise exploit sound and/or audiovisual recordings by all means and media available, and to collect all income deriving there from. Symphonic Distribution shall (a) solicit and service the Partners (b) secure the encoding of each Recording in format(s) required by the Partners, (c) process the delivery of the recordings to the Partners, and (d) collect amounts due from the Partners for repayment to Client, subject to the client account revenue threshold requirements outlined in this Agreement.

This clause references the essence of what we do as a company. Distribution to Digital Service Providers, or otherwise known as, "Partners". The clause states that we will deliver material to the partners in the format that they need it in. The clause further states that we will collect the revenue and report it as we receive it.

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