Q216 Royalties and the importance of your back catalogue.

If you are a Baseware Distribution label and you joined us in Q2 of 2016, this is an important notice.

When you log on, you may not see a fully completed Sales Summary but rather, a lot of “Unmatched Sales”. What does this mean? Essentially, our system matches any sale, stream for your singles or releases to what is in your system and catalogue. Any time there is a match, your “Sales Summary” becomes complete allowing you to get various methods of interpreting the sales data (of which this will continue to get better and better).

With that said, because we received your label mid way through Q216, if you didn’t upload your back catalogue, then any sale or stream that we received won’t match up to anything in your back catalogue. The only way you can get an appropriate sales summary picture is if you either create a royalty record, or more importantly, upload your back catalog. If you need any assistance or clarification on this, let me know and I can setup a call to explain.

If you have yet to upload any material from when you distributed through Baseware, we highly encourage you to begin to do so. The reason we need your back catalogue is because many outlets such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes/Apple Music don’t transfer content to us and thus, your material is now taken down and needs to be reloaded.

Feel free to create a ticket for any other questions.

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