Promo Mailer Pricing

We allow up to 5,000 emails to be added for free for you to use our promo mailer for free for any size release. After the first 5,000 emails, each additional email you add to the list will result in a 0.50c fee. Below are packages if you wish to add additional emails to your lists.

1. Package 1 adds 50 emails and costs $25 => 50 X 0.50c = $25
2. Package 2 adds 100 emails and costs $50 => 100 X 0.50c = $50
3. Package 3 adds 500 emails and costs $250 => 500 X 0.50c = $250

The other fees include if you wish to reschedule the same promo for a third time ($10) and if you wish to rush your promo ahead of the scheduled date ($5).

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