What Is MetaPop?

MetaPop is the new venture of Matthew Adell (former CEO of Beatport) and Michael Mukhin (former CTO of Boomrat). Adell has a long track record of making money for both rights holders and DJs. Now with MetaPop, Adell is working again to make the pie bigger for all involved.

Solving the Remix Problem
There are millions of fan remixes out there today that are not being monetized properly by original rights holders or their creators, and fan remixes are taken down haphazardly by “anti-piracy” services with no regard to the value they create. Thus, creativity is stifled and money is lost.

Today, remixing is a lose-lose situation, where labels miss out on millions of dollars in ancillary revenue and the biggest fans lose because they cannot celebrate the music with remixes. MetaPop is turning remixes into a win-win, helping labels grow revenue, marketshare, and audience.

How Rights Holders (YOU) Make Money with MetaPop
MetaPop is the premier global provider of remix rights management, licensing, tracking, distribution and royalty services for remixers and rights holders, and it’s easy to use. Adding your catalog to the MetaPop marketplace exposes your music to the greatest remixers in the world. These remixers have the ability to select songs from your fully-cleared catalog to create new remixes. These remixes are then published within our exclusive networks on YouTube and SoundCloud, where all songs are measured and monetized for both you and the remixer. And the process continues for any tracks posted to iTunes, Spotify, and other networks. This way, you’re certain that each play is being tracked, monetized and reported to you properly.

In short, MetaPop tracks your fan remixes across the web, monetizes them on our networks, promotes your music and the fan remixes to drive engagement and distribute to you 70% of all monies collected. Finally, fan remixers get 15% of all monies collected.

In turn, you designate MetaPop the exclusive monetizer and distributor of fan remixes of your content, deliver your catalog metadata and keep it current, and whitelist the MetaPop multi-channel networks on YouTube and SoundCloud.

How do I get involved with MetaPop through Symphonic?
It’s simple! Simply select MetaPop through the SymphonicMS partners section once you have opted in to participate with MetaPop through Symphonic. Your metadata and materials will be delivered to the MetaPop team to begin the process to legally monetize your remixes as well as ensure the original rights holders are compensated. Your music will not be sent for folks to remix, only your metadata to ensure that if anyone did in fact remix it, it can be tracked and you can receive the proper credit for it.

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