SymphonicMS Updates - 3.14.2016

Here’s whats new this week in the SymphonicMS!

Deliveries - Switched to new release delivery process which significantly reduces delivery times to all partners and allows for continuous deliveries 24/7.

Content Management - Fixed bug on View Tracks page with the click & drag function that allows clients to easily change track order on unsubmitted Compilations.  

Promos - Fixed issue where deleting bad recipients would not remove them from promo lists causing the same bad recipients to appear on the next promo mailer.
Fixed issue with Demographics tab not fully populating available data.

Licensing - Fixed issue with the “Click here to view your licensing Submission” link in Licensing rejection email not including the full working URL.

3rd Party - Added new “SubscriptionModel” deal to Soundcloud XML deliveries in preparation for Soundcloud launching their Subscription service. Also, fixed issue on Soundcloud Uploader that caused some clients to get a “clip not found” error when trying to listen to song audio that was trimmed down for the full song.

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