SymphonicMS Updates - 3.28.2016

Here’s whats new this week in the SMS;

Content Management
-Extended new CRUD functionality to Featuring artists and Remixers on Edit Track pages.
-New "Upload" function on Edit Track page for audio files to make it easier for clients to replace audio files.
-Minor UI tweaks to Create Ringtone From Existing page

-Fixed some missing Jquery UI image assets for promos.

-Updated code for Daily Sales Estimates so that it uses current daily exchange rates when converting sales to USD.
-Fixed issue where Sales Summary pie chart sometimes wouldn't load initially for some browsers.
-Fixed bug where Artist expenses wouldn't sum correctly when viewing "All" quarters.
-Small enhancements to Sales Summary Artist Email functionality to allow clients to more easily add missing email addresses for artists if one isn't currently on file.

-Fixed bug that allowed distribution clients to submit releases for publishing before the release had been formally approved for distribution.

3rd Party
-Minor UI tweaks to Upload To Your Soundcloud page.

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