What are the different styles of Sample Packs?


Symphonic Typically distributes three different types of Sample Packs:

Genre / Artist / Label-Based: These Sample Packs tend to encompass an entire genre or style, and contain a mix of drum, bass, synth, and FX Samples.

Utilitarian: These packs have a laser focus on a certain element of a genre, such as “Tech House Top Loops” or “Trap Bass Lines.” These packs provide more advanced users with the tools they are looking for in a smaller, more usable package

Construction Kits, or “Song Starters”: These are full song ideas contained in one folder. This typically includes all of the individual elements and prior setup needed to create a song such as instruments, effects, samples, loops, and full length stems. Think of it as a quick “get up and go” alternative to all of the preparation that is usually required to create a beat.

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