How can I receive my payment?

We send payment via Check, Pay Pal, Bank Transfer, Chase Quickpay, and Xoom. You are charged fees depending on your location and what you choose to receive your payment in.

How to Request Payment

To request the payment login to your account in the Symphonic MS and go to Royalties -> Request Payment


From here you can edit your payment details and request payment for one or all of the labels on your account.

Payment Options

We can deliver payment in a number of ways, some have fees so it's important to make sure you pick the best payment option when you request payment.

Check: We do not charge any fees if delivered to the USA and Canada. Elsewhere we do charge fees and deduct them from the next quarterly report.

Bank Transfer (or Wire Transfer): We deduct $45 for bank transfer fees. We deduct from the payment we are sending not the next quarterly report.

Chase Quickpay: Only to those that bank with Chase, no fees. There may be delays in payment since Chase Quickpay has a daily limit.

Xoom: Solid for Latin America and fees generally range from $5-$15 dollars. This is deducted from your next quarterly report after you receive payment.

Pay Pal: In the US, we can send as "Friends" to avoid fees however, need you to put in a formal ticket request prior to doing so. If we do send without "Friends" and you get hit with fees, you can refund us the funds and then we can resend with the fees in place. Elsewhere Pay Pal will charge you fees depending on your region.

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