How do I take down my music from partners?

If you would like to take down a release from any partner, you are able to do so via the SymphonicMS. Please keep in mind that fees may apply.

Log onto the SymphonicMS and navigate to the "View Releases" page.

Click the X symbol to the far right of the image below to proceed.

The following window will pop up. State your reason to submit a takedown.

Our admin will then review your request and approve the take down as soon as time allows.


* Once we process your request, most partners can take from a week to a month to remove your content.

* A takedown of the complete incorrect release must be executed. A single track from a multiple track release cannot be eliminated, the complete release must be removed.

* All partners will permanently remove any reviews and comments related to the original UPC as well as partner playlists that included this UPC.

* All takedowns are subject to Symphonic Staff approval on a case-by-case basis.





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