How do I get paid?

Where to request payment

Through the SymphonicMS, there is a section called "Royalties" and you simply select "Request Payment".

From there you will need to ensure your latest Payment and Tax Details are entered in order for you to receive payment. You will see (Screenshot Below) that if you don't have updated or verified tax details that you would be required to fill them out prior to requesting payment. Once you have verified, you can fully request.


You must have an account with Symphonic Distribution in order to be able to view the SymphonicMS, royalties, and to request payments. You can only receive a payment if you are over the threshold and if you have a valid W9 and W8-BEN on file.

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  • I can not recall if I submitted a completed W9 form to Symphonic, kindly let me know if, in fact I have not. I will submit it.

    Thank You...

  • Hey there Billy,

    Under your account you can view your W9 information. You can find this under Account > Your Account > Edit Tax Info

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