SymphonicMS Updates - 11.23.2015

Here’s what’s new this week in the SMS"

New - Updated Publishing dashboard and navigation, especially for clients that are also signed up for distribution.

New - Added ability to manage artist expenses in Sales Summary page. Depricated Calculate Artist Payment page.

New - Switched MediaNet (Pandora, etc) deliveries to FLAC

New - Further styling updates to View Releases page.

Bug - Fixed issue with Topple Track/Piracy dashboard not properly displaying charts.

Bug - Fixed issue in Sales Summary where pie charts did not display in Firefox on initial viewing.

Bug - Fixed problem with unsubscribe link in promo mailer emails compared to the unsubscribe feature on the promo page itself.

Bug - Fixed issue with verifying audio quality for short tracks like ringtones.

Bug - Fixed issue with Artist name not re-appearing after selecting Various Artist as “Yes” and then back to “No” again.

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