SymphonicMS Updates - 9.18.2015

Here is what’s new in the SMS this week;

-Further enhancements to Quarterly Summary Reports, now called “Sales Summary”, including fixing artist allocations when there are multiple artists or remixed involved.

-New partner iNDIEVOX integration. (Going LIVE soon)

-Pandora now receiving FLAC audio deliveries.

-Now have over 200 composers loaded into the SMS for labels that deal with Classical music.

-Added support to do takedowns for Audible Magic via XML transmission instead of email. (Quicker for labels wishing to have music taken down from AM).

-Added fixes to the session timeout process while logged into the SMS. Will now take you back to the page you were last on.

-Updated .ico for the SMS for better appearance across all platforms, including mobile.

-New RSS feed for Topple Track as “Anti-Piracy News” under messages in the SMS

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