SymphonicMS Updates - 11.16.2015

Here is what’s new in the SMS this week;

New - Switched from Amazon delivery from legacy feed to DDEX for more accurate deliveries and speedier takedown notices.

New - Made changes to message indicator atop the navigation screen to promote more users to read important announcements. Also made some changes to navigation wording.

New - Updates to styling on View and Edit Releases pages to have a simplified and consistent

New - Added Stripe as a payment method for artists who are already signed up for distribution and are interested in publishing services.

New - Updated the Request Payment screen.

New - Small changes to Sales Summary page to make setting artist allocations easier than ever.

Bug - Fixed issue in creating new releases where the final step wouldn’t always direct users to the Submit page.

Bug - Fixed issue in Sales Summary screen when handling releases or artist names that contained the symbol ‘$’

Bug - Fixed issue where new UPCs would not generate properly if client re-clicked “Generate UPC”. Also changed wording on misleading error message when validating UPCs for Back Catalog releases.

Bug - Fixed issue with sign up form when client uses Chrome and attempts to pay via Stripe. Also distribution sign up and log in pages will now force HTTPS connections to help increase security and protect user data.

Bug - Fixed issue with certain images shifting when editing a promo mailer.

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