SymphonicMS Updates - 10.16.2015

Here is what’s new in the SMS this week;

New - Launched updated label sign up process with various fixes.

New - New distribution partner PONO integrated.

New - Updated YouTube form to be more efficient and allow HD videos.

New - Implemented check for duplicate ISRCs within  a release during creation process.

New - Added input validation on artist forms for label client to prevent XSS or SQL injection attacks.

Bug - Fixed issue when selecting non-Mid/Front pricing tiers at the track level for Singles where the Album was left as the default Front pricing.

Bug - Implemented restriction to keep promo recipients from getting the same promo several times if email address is one multiple promo lists.

Bug - Fixed issue when creating new promos where user may accidentally double click and create two duplicate promos.

Bug - Fixed issues with Forget Password function on SMS.

Bug - Fixed issue with extra minutes of silence being added to the end of some YouTube uploads.

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