SymphonicMS Updates - 10.30.2015

Here is what’s new this week:

New - Promo Mailer downloads now feature a much more user friendly name in the format of “Artist_Name-Track_Name” instead of "UPC#_Track#"

New - Clients can now bulk assign multiple tracks or releases at once in Unmatched Royalties screen

New - Code for assigning Unmatched Royalties now on server side instead of depending on AJAX to improve experience for clients with low bandwidth

New - Minor styling and terms of service updates to distribution sign up forms, and clients will now get a default profile photo if one is not selected during sign up

New - Optimized new HTM5 audio player performance in promo mailer when viewed using Chrome browser

New - Minor styling updates to View Release and View Tracks pages

Bug - Fixed issue with credit card payments via Stripe on distribution sign up forms that prevented clients accounts from being fully created

Bug - Fixed issue that prevented updates to tax information for some clients

Bug - Fixed issue where Public Pages were created for releases before they had been submitted to Symphonic for approval

Bug - Fixed issue that prevented updates to client FTP login info, such as when a password is changed

Bug - Fixed issue when viewing royalties under an account that had both Artist and Publisher roles assigned

Bug - Fixed issue with Bulk Uploads bypassing partner restrictions

Bug - Added better video title length validations for YouTube uploads to prevent errors and client confusion.

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