SymphonicMS Updates - 10.12.2015

Here is what’s new in the SymphonicMS this week:

-Launched new enhanced artist sign up process with updated Terms of Service agreement and various fixes.

-Updated Terms of Service agreement for new label sign ups.

-More enhancements to Unmatched Royalties page, including ability to assign royalties to an entire release instead of a per track basis.

-Fixed bug with song capitalization on Classical releases delivered to iTunes.

-Fixed bug on SymphonicMS that displayed inaccurate “delivered" dates for releases to some partners under certain conditions.

-Updated Web Uploader page with new verbiage.

-Fixed bug when downloading the "Label Copy” of a release as a PDF.

-Updated the Promo Mailer scheduling page.

-Resolved issue the prevented promos mailers from being sent out on October 1st.

-Fixed issue with Soundcloud API that prevented clients from being able to upload new content to their Soundcloud profile.

-Fixed issue with matching genres when importing Beatport XML.

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