I'm Not Seeing Beatport, Traxsource, and other Partners for Distribution

Genre Exclusivity

One reason for this is because the system will exclude the partners from showing up if there is a genre on your release that they do not cover. Some partners restrict particular genres from being sent to them and if you have a genre that they do not take the partner will not show in the partners section. If you have a specific request to add a partner that you know we deal with but is not on your list, please create a support ticket here.

Example: Since Beatport is an EDM Specific retail store, if you have a EP release with a Dubstep track and a Heavy Metal track then that will automatically remove some partners from showing in the "Partners" section thus, Beatport would not be listed. You would need to either remove the track and release it separately and/or change it to a more fitting genre but, understand that the track itself may be turned down if it doesnt fit the specifications of Beatport.

Approval Required

If your genres are accepted by a partner such as Beatport, then potentially, your label may not yet be approved by Beatport and thus why you do not see it as a partner. Partners that require approval include: Beatport, Traxsource, WhatPeoplePlay, and Addictech. You can submit a ticket if you do not see a partner on the "Partners" section that you believe should be there and/or has been there in the past.

Beatport Approved Genres

Per Beatport these are their currently approved genres, these are subject to change as new genres are created and approved. Content outside of these genres will not be distributed to Beatport.

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