About Mastering

What is mastering?

Mastering is a post production process of preparing your music tracks and providing the final touches for equalization, stereo configuration, compression, and more. Professional equipment and the trained ear of an experienced sound engineer are necessary to provide the proper sound that gives music its heart and soul, so without mastering your music isn't living up to its full potential. In short, mastering is a decisive gateway between the creation and consumption of your music.

More information on what our in-house mastering engineer does with your premasters can be found here.

Our mastering process

Once you've finished recording or mixing your tracks you can place an order for our mastering service here.

To prepare for our Comprehensive Mastering, it is very important that what you deliver to us is in the appropriate specifications for our engineer to properly finish your project:

  • 44khz at 32 bit stereo WAV
  • 6dB of headroom on the master bus
  • No compression or limiting on the master bus; 6dB of headroom

After you submit your payment, you will be redirected to a delivery page to submit your files. You will be required to supply your Pay Pal ID as well, so please have that handy. We will work on your project and you’ll receive it within 5-7 days, unless you opt in for the 48-hour rush. If you do not receive your project within this time frame, please contact us.

*Note* For mixing & mastering you'll need to contact our engineer for a quote


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