SymphonicMS Updates - 9.4.2015

New updates for this week include:

* More Quarterly Reports refinements
* Increased maximum song title length from 100 characters to 255.
* Fixed bug with audio previews played in summary page before release submission if a track's audio files were replaced after that track had been created originally in the SymphonicMS.
* Minor enhancements to “View Details” page of releases in SymphonicMS.
* Fixed issue with Daily Sales Estimates from Beatport and Digital Tunes.
* Fixed bug with release title names for singles and ringtones that have featuring artist for iTunes delivery
*Fixed bug with iTunes delivery using original artwork image size instead of delievered artwork size.
*Fixed issue that caused some promo mailers to display “File not found” in audio previews
*Made changes to images on the SymphonicMS sign in page to properly reflect third party applications and resources.

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