What is Topple Track?

Topple Track is an anti piracy firm owned and operated by Symphonic Distribution as of June 2015. Users of the brand submit metadata for us to scan as many different brands as possible and submit DMCA takedowns via Google. We've taken down over 6 million illegal links from search results and continue to do so. The service is open for Distribution clients as well as Non-Distribution clients. Pricing for non distributed clients available at http://www.toppletrack.com.

Distribution clients receive Topple Track at a discounted rate of $3 per track to protect and monitor their song(s) via Google and Torrent sites.

If using via SymphonicMS (Symphonic Distribution clients): During the release process, you as a user of SymphonicMS are able to select if you want to protect your release and its tracks through Topple Track. You simply click on the check box (listed below) at the release level. There will be a fee of $3 dollars per track charged when you submit your release thus if you do not want to protect your release, please do not select it. There will be no refunds once you have completed check out.

By clicking on this during the release creation process and via the "Release Level" you will enable us to send information to the Topple Track system once a release is fully packed and delivered.

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