About the Create Compilation Feature

The "Create Compilation" function allows you to create a release from whatever you have in the SymphonicMS. Most clients use the module for compilations, and "Greatest Hits" based on previous releases. It also saves time from having to re-upload.

You begin by filling out the release details. Once that is done you are taken to a page where you can select any release we have in our system. You select which song(s) from that release(s) you want on the new compilation.

You then verify the details for the tracks just like normal and you submit the release as you normally would. Some functions won't be available (such as "Uploading").

Re-releasing from Another Distributor

Re-releasing will from another distributor will require you to submit using the "Create Release" function instead of the compilation function. Compilations can only be created from existing works in our system, not other distributors. Once all of the sourced releases are loaded into our system you can create a new compilation using them if you wish. Before you proceed make sure all of your contracts are clear with your past (distributor/label) and you are allowed to release these items on your own terms.

Grab the relevant information such as UPC and ISRC codes from the previous version, make sure only ISRC codes are re-used. If you don’t have this information or can’t access it you will simply need to assign new ones via our system. By using a new UPC, the release is considered a new version of the product and the sales will track only this version on our system. If not in our system, you can use this online tool to retrieve.

You should make sure to claim all of your payouts from your previous (distributor/label) when the next quarter comes around to make sure you aren’t owed any residuals as well.


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