Does my report show the number of downloads or streams?

NOTE: Due to the allocations and royalty payout module, some newer reports may not show a track count column, this is because if you have a release sale, its sale will be divided count wise towards each and every one of the tracks within the album evenly. You can utilize the sales summary for count views and totals.

Our reports do contain a “Track Count” column. Unfortunately, not ALL partners do give us that and it can get tricky when looking at streaming providers as you may see thousands under quantity but a dollar amount that is much less than potentially a download.

The reason for this is because streaming rates differ not only by partner but further by territory so the USA may pay more or less than a particular country in the euro region.

We do report quantity based on who provides. Who ever does not, we place a 1 on that column and if it is a voided or refund and there is no download count, then we place a –1.

So to recap, Downloads may show a count of sale and Streaming may show MANY but being that Streaming partners don't actually sell anything, that accounts for the number of plays for that particular track in a given territory.

To further understand the CSV export and more regarding the Royalty Report, click here.

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