Quick Step By Step Guide (w/ Video)

Video Tutorial (Submitting A Release)

To process your release, please do the following below. This is all assuming you have properly prepared your release. We also recommend you consider viewing our video in regards to release cover standards and why mastering your music matters prior to beginning. If you have any questions, please, create a ticket request.

1 - Click “Create Release” under the “Distribute” drop down to begin.
2 - Enter all details for the release. (Catalog #, Release Name, Label Name, Artist, Etc.)

(You can also add artists to your release from this screen)
(Ensure you’ve abided by the instructions in “Prepare Your Release”)
(A 3000x3000 JPG file is recommended for your cover)

3 - Click “Next” to upload your files and edit your track info.

(You can use our Web Uploader, Dropbox, or Soundcloud to import files)
(If you prefer to upload files via FTP, view details below)

Host Address: ftp.symphonicms.com
Port: 21
Username: Your Username - Username@symphonicms.com
Password: Your Password Received In Welcome Email
Passive Mode: On

4 - After tracks are uploaded, click and edit each track + match up your audio.

(You can add new artists to your tracks from these sections)
(Track length is calculated automatically)

5 - Once track details are done, click “Next” to set a release date and choose delivery “Partners”.

  • For a Best Practices with tips to help your release get approved faster click here

(Set your date to be 3-4 weeks from the day you are on this section)
(See below why we recommend this)


6 - After you are done with this final step, click "SUBMIT" and review your release.

(This is the last chance you have so make sure everything is correct).
(Make any necessary corrections to complete)
(Contact us if any questions BEFORE you submit)

7 - If all looks correct, scroll to the bottom and Submit Your Release!

Once your release has been submitted, we will carefully review your release to ensure that all details have been entered correctly and that the material is in fact authentic and original. From your perspective, you will see other tools that will be available for that given release. Tools such as submitting a featured release request, Piracy Protection, Promo Mailer, Uploading to your Soundcloud or YouTube, and much more is available once your release is fully submitted and approved by our admin.

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