Using Our SoundCloud Uploader

If you are using our “Upload To SoundCloud” module via the SymphonicMS, please note that your upload may successfully be delivered to Soundcloud but not show due to Copyright modules that SoundCloud has put in place. The reason for this is because your profile may not be whitelisted of which you can do so by submitting the request below. Even if you made the material you may still be flagged thus, whitelisting is an important step in the process of ensuring that you and/or your artists CAN upload the material but further, can potentially monetize it. You will be notified if your upload was successful or not. Feel free to reach out to us for any other questions.

I cannot upload my tracks through your uploader.
SoundCloud is currently phasing out their API so we recommend uploading your tracks directly to their site or you can try 1-2 tracks at a time (this seems to work for most of our clients.) We are working on an entirely new application that should be set up within a few weeks that will alleviate this issue.

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