What is a CAE Number?

In musical rights management, a CAE number is used to identify rights holders within performing rights organizations. Having this information is crucial for Sync Licensing opportunities and more.

The acronym "CAE" was devised by the national society of Switzerland, SUISA, and consisted of the French words Compositeur, Auteur and Editeur, for Composer, Author and Publisher.

A CAE number is 9 digits long. It is not to be confused with your BMI account number or account numbers within a performing rights organization.

A CAE is also public record and you can find it online. To look for your CAE, you can look for it on the following databases below. Even if you are registered with an international society such as APRA or GEMA, very likely, you will be found in these fields. Be sure to enter your actual First and Last name or what you are registered under your society. You will ONLY have a CAE if you are with a performing rights organization.

ASCAP - Click here
BMI - Click here
SESAC - Click Here

Do you not have a CAE because you are not registered with a performing rights organization? Then signing up to our Publishing Administration service is potentially a good idea! Click here to sign up!

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    Slo-Motion Mujuzi

    But I have already signed up to your publishing administration service and I still haven't got neither the PRO# nor the CAE#!!and I signed up-now almost 3weeks ago!!!please riddle me that!!

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