How do I get approved for Beatport?


Beatport is an online music store oriented around electronic music & music for DJ's (like hip hop) and one of our main partners here at Symphonic. Since Beatport tries to cater to these specific genres you'll need to seek approval prior to distribution on their platform. This approval process takes around a week to process.

For Labels

There are a few requirements a label needs to meet before they can be considered for Beatport approval.


  • Label Logo aspect ratio 1:1 (square)
  • 500x500 pixels in size (minimum)
  • JPG format
  • An active Soundcloud account for us to review
  • 3 releases in our system we can review

Once you are meet all of the above requirements you can reach out to us here (select 'Partner Interest' for your reason)

For Artists

Send us a request to become Beatport approved here. Once approved you can select Beatport as a partner when creating your release. Our team will review the release before approving it. If it meets our standards of quality we will send it to Beatport under our Symphonic Label.

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