When will I be able to be on Beatport?

Please try and prepare up to 3 releases and then you can get on Beatport as a label. This isn't mandatory but it's something we highly recommend. If you are absolutely against the idea, then we want you to email us at sales@symphonicdistribution.com with the reasoning behind why you want to be on Beatport without 3 releases. We can consider an exception but ultimately, consistency is key. As an artist you can submit per release for Beatport approval. For artist approval it must meet our standards of quality to be approved. 

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    We are producer and we have so many profesionel producer friend we are ready to produce our company and our edm, deep house, tech house, techno, trance, dubstep, nu disco etc. sound track, and we want to be in beatport , please we need help about that
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    DJ Escobar & DJ Face X

    Our label company name : TALENT RECORDS

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