How long does it take to get my video on Vevo?

For VEVO it will take at least a week on average to get a brand new VEVO channel created by VEVO. It cannot be a label channel, it has to be an artist channel for your artist. VEVO themselves creates new channels in bulk on every Mondays at 12 noon and channels are fully created by Tuesday. Any new channel request made after that Monday, will go into the queue for the following Monday batch. It will then take another day for channel images and links to show up on the public system of YouTube and


For this we recommended at least 2 weeks submissions for video distribution prior to your video's release or go live date. The earlier you get us payment, the metadata form, artist photos and artist social links the better.


Having a Vevo channel is not the same as having a YouTube channel, so you will not have access to your VEVO channel like a personal YouTube channel. We upload to VEVO, then they put that video on the VEVO branded YouTube channel AND network. 


If you ALREADY have a VEVO channel created, just mention your channel name in the metadata form so we can upload the video to that artist channel without needing to create a new channel.

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