Uploading to SoundCloud from SMS (SoundCloud Uploader)

Our system, the SymphonicMS allows you to upload your own songs to your SoundCloud profile for you to then monetize it. After you have submitted a release, you will see a "SoundCloud" button. That will enable you to upload to your profile with a scheduled upload date and time. Using this "App" we upload twice a day and you'll receive notification as to when your upload is complete. The "App" is constantly being updated as well.

How to use the SoundCloud Uploader

To access the uploader simply login to www.symphonicms.com and click distribute > view releases > find the release you wish to upload > click the soundcloud button on the release.


Note* If you are using our “Upload To SoundCloud” module via the SymphonicMS, please note that your upload may successfully be delivered to Soundcloud but not show due to Copyright modules that SoundCloud has put in place. The reason for this is because your profile may not be whitelisted of which you can do so by submitting the request below. Even if you made the material you may still be flagged thus, whitelisting is an important step in the process of ensuring that you and/or your artists CAN upload the material but further, can potentially monetize it. You will be notified if your upload was successful or not. Feel free to reach out to us for any other questions.

Uploader not working/trouble with uploader

SoundCloud is currently phasing out their API so we recommend uploading your tracks directly to their site if that's an option or you can try 1-2 tracks at a time (this seems to work for most of our clients.)

Also, make sure that your SoundCloud information is correct in your SymphonicMS account. You can check this by logging into www.symphonicms.com and going to account in the top right > click your details > click label info > click on your label name > enter in your SoundCloud username/password on the right. The uploader will use this to upload to your account directly.

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