Publishing Administrator vs. Publisher

A legitimate Publisher typically takes ownership of a percentage of your compositions and exploits your compositions by seeking out licensing and placement opportunities for the compositions, in addition to seeking out co-writing opportunities for their songwriters.

As your Publishing Administrator, we assume no ownership of your compositions whatsoever. We also leave your own music-making career in your hands. TuneCore and Symphonic collectively simply do the dirty paperwork, administrative work, all song registrations worldwide and collection of royalties.

Further, if you are a distribution client of Symphonic as well, we’ll be doing some hefty digging for you to ensure you are getting the royalties that are owed to you. Since we have our distribution clients’ download sales and streaming data, we have a system in tact whereby we compare that data with the royalties we’ll receive from societies worldwide. For example, if we see a hefty rise in your Spotify streams in France but no hefty rise in your performance/mechanical royalties from France’s collection societies, we will flag it and contact the society with your royalty reports to gather what is owed to you.

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