Is there a sign-up fee?

Our fee schedule is as follows:

For Artists - we charge a one-time fee of $25. Then subsequently the fee as per the size of the release which are the following:

  • 1-5 Tracks = $10.99
  • 1-10 Tracks = $19.99
  • 1-15 Tracks = $29.99
  • 1-20 Tracks = $39.99

Subsequently we have no annual or maintenance fees. 

For Record Labels - Depending on the royalty percentage you decide on, there can be a one time sign up fee associated.

  • 70%=$0
  • 80%=$0
  • 90%=$200 one time fee

These offerings do not have any annual or maintenance fee associated with them.

These fees will be used for the cost we incur to distribute the content. Costs that we incur include: bandwith, hosting, and registration of UPC and ISRC codes for you to use per release.

Any additional fees charged to a record label or artist are for payment of royalties via Wire Transfer and/or Xoom. (We deduct from the payment we are issuing and/or deduct from future payments).

Additional fees such as mechanical transactions, voided transactions and promotional expenses may be placed by Digital Service Providers. These are not fees imposed by Symphonic and we always strive to work towards decreasing and/or eliminating these fees. Often times, we as a company also eat these fees up without you having to be charged.

Symphonic clients can get a UPC or ISRC code from our system during the release creation process. If you need a UPC or ISRC code for any release or track outside of what we distribute, click here!

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