What does Symphonic Distribution do?

In simple terms, our core business is to deliver music from independent record labels & musicians to partners such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, eMusic and more. Each client of ours has the potential to choose a deal that suits them best. 

In addition we also help you in generating more income from your music. Your music makes about 13 other royalty types! We also have offerings that can help you do more with it as well, such as: Music Licensing, YouTube Monetization, Publishing Administration, and Neighboring Rights.

We currently distribute music for thousands of record labels and artists around the globe. Our beginnings started with a focus on electronic music, and while we do have a specialty for it, we distribute many other genres like Hip Hop, Indie Bands, Classical, Jazz and much more! 

Is there a catch? How transparent are you?

We are among one of the most transparent companies in the music industry. We publicly show our terms and conditions for every service, discuss our pricing on this very same help center and believe that being open and honest is the key to success.

Unlike other distribution companies, we don't promise success to anyone because it doesn't come to everyone. We do promise that we will work as hard as possible to attend to every request equally and provide you with excellent service.

If not and/or you don't feel satisfied, it is important for us to hear about it so that we can not only improve ourselves but further, our offering(s).

We've also prepped this info graphic to explain how you would work with us as well as a general flow.

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