Is It Possible to Seek Outside Physical Distribution?

We do not have a problem if you wish to deal with a physical distributor for your physical releases.

As stated in the agreement, we have the exclusive rights to deliver the material via digital only and the physical distributor would not have the possibility of distributing digitally unless the term has expired or we come to an agreement.

With that said, our viewpoint is that the industry is changing and we see Physical as a very tough and challenging market for any type of artist, major or indie. We believe that funds are better served towards marketing products in a digital form rather than investing in what may be stock that sits and doesn't sell quickly.

We do have some Merchandise options such as Printing and CD Pressing.  As far as the distribution of the product goes, you can feel free to consider working with a partner of ours directly by requesting a reference via a ticket and/or to get a physical CD created for sale via Amazon.

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