How can I set prices for each release?

Via our system, the you can select price tiers for the partners that accept them (mostly iTunes, Google, and Amazon). You can change the pricing at the release level.  See below.

Unfortunately, not every partner allows for custom pricing. Every partner has their own set pricing to their customers and thus dictate what the pricing should be. For example, in the case of Beatport, if you have a release of 10+ tracks and the album price is not $8.99 or $9.99, then we can send in a request to change the price.

It is ultimately up to each and every retailer to select pricing that suits them and fits the consumers visiting the website. No label or distributor has control over the pricing on each and every retailer.

Please note that we will send your specified prices to iTunes & Google Play, but they have the option of overriding this & setting their own price.

Partners such as iTunes may set a higher price for singles that are longer than 10 minutes in length.

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