What is a ISRC Code?

An ISRC is an “international standard recording code” and identifies a particular recording of a track. All releases are required to have this and we do take care of assigning them to releases. Some distributors and aggregators may charge per release, while we only have a one time sign-up fee to cover the cost of creation and assignation.

Symphonic has two ISRC designations. They start with US-LZJ and QZ-1Z1. Whenever our cap of allowable ISRC's are used, then we use the other ISRC code.

Also if you were with a record label and/or with a previous distribution company and you've wondered what your ISRC codes are or were, you can use this resource!

Symphonic clients can get a UPC or ISRC code from our system during the release creation process. If you need a UPC or ISRC code for any release or track outside of what we distribute, click here!

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