What does "ISRC" mean?

An ISRC is an “international standard recording code” and identifies a particular recording of a track. All releases are required to have this and we do take care of assigning them to releases. Some distributors and aggregators may charge per release, while we only have a one time sign-up fee to cover the cost of creation and assignation.

Symphonic has two ISRC designations. They start with US-LZJ and QZ-5FN. Whenever our cap of allowable ISRC's are used, then we use the other ISRC code.

Also if you were with a record label and/or with a previous distribution company and you've wondered what your ISRC codes are or were, you can use this resource!

Lastly, in the event that you are wanting to switch to us, if you keep a record of those ISRC's and redeliver them to us for distribution to other outlets then it will ensure your plays will remain the same. All streaming data on a Spotify or other partner is retained due to the ISRC of the track.

Symphonic clients can get a UPC or ISRC code from our system during the release creation process. If you need a UPC or ISRC code for any release or track outside of what we distribute, click here!

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