What does "UPC" mean?

Universal Product Code

A UPC is a 12-digit “universal product code” and is similar to a barcode or serial number. It gives your release a unique identity. All releases are required to have this and we do take care of assigning them to releases. Some distributors and aggregators may charge per release while we only have a one time sign-up fee to cover the cost of creation and assignation.

How do I get a code?

Symphonic clients can get a UPC or ISRC code automatically from our system during the release creation process, this is included as part of our service. If you need a UPC or ISRC code for any release or track outside of what we distribute, click here! The codes can be used for any purpose that a UPC normally fills, be it physical or digital distribution.

Using Existing Codes

Traditionally these codes have been used in physical distribution as well as for CD's. If you have your own UPC or ISRC codes you can use these instead of codes provided by Symphonic. Just enter the code during the creation of the release instead of getting one from Symphonic.

If you already have released your content physically you need to use a different UPC code for the digital release (they are separate products). However, you can use the same ISRC's.

About Symphonic's Codes

The codes provided by Symphonic are codes registered with our company from GS1 (GS1 develops and maintains standards for barcodes). Symphonic is not identified as the rights holder unless we register the client's content with an organization via publishing administration or neighboring rights services and state we are a rights holder to collect on the client's behalf. On the UPC we have a designation from GS1  and there is a unique identifier for every single release. The UPC combination is confirmed via the instructions that GS1 has given Symphonic.

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