Can I Submit To Licensing As A Record Label Owner?

Please review your artist-label contract in thorough detail. What rights do you claim in your contract? Delivering music to licensing companies is an entirely different game from selling music on partners such as Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, etc. because the entity who delivers the content must pre-clear and pre-approve the music for licensing on both the master recording side and the publishing side. Therefore, in order to deliver your label’s music to licensing companies, you must by contract have the right to grant master use and synchronization licenses on behalf of your artist/songwriter. By delivering your label’s music to licensing companies, you must “pre-clear” and “pre-approve” licensing on both the master side and publishing side. All owners of the songs you deliver must give their permission, and the smartest way to do this is through a legal contract.

If your record label has nothing in regards to master & synchronization licensing mentioned in your artist-label contract, it is strongly recommended that you update your contract via a contract addendum or other method in order to state this explicitly. Otherwise, you technically do not have the right to deliver your artists’/songwriters’ songs to licensing companies. Be smart and protect yourself. In this matter, we cannot stress the importance of being as detailed and thorough as possible in your artist-label contracts.

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