I'm on your Artist Distribution service, how come my music is on Symphonic as a label?

If you see your release under the label of Symphonic Distribution that is because stores such as Beatport, Traxsource and others don’t add artists as label names. Thus, for artist distribution we let your music go onto these platforms (if approved) but they are under the “Symphonic Distribution” brand and that is the only way to get the material on these stores. The royalties go to you the same way its just that it is a requirement that we need to put artist content on a label that is our company name due to the stores not adding labels for artists unless they have labels.

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    Xavier Jacome

    So if I'm under a label the label with show up. Not Symphonic Distribution then. I'm under Direct Drive Digital and want my name under that label. The last sentence said "unless they have labels." So I have nothing to worry about.


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    Symphonic Support
    Correct, If your label is in beatport then it will appear under them. in Your case under Direct Drive Digital.
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