I can't find my release on a store or streaming provider!

First, if you are looking for releases on the day of your release, it may not be live depending on the timezone that the partner is in. If you are in Europe, it will be 12am before it is 12am in the Eastern and Western timezone and if a partner is located in these timezones, it may not be up until it is 12am in their respective timezone. If the release still is not showing, then it may be because it was not sent 2-3 weeks before the release date (as per our guideline) and thus was sent after our cut off period that is every Wednesday evening. Lastly, if the release doesn’t show for any reason, we can go forth and review the issue however the partner may have chosen to not feature the release on their brand. Such cases are beyond our control as many partners are beginning to be strict and showing releases from artists and labels that they wish to show and not automatically guaranteeing that every release will be live.

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