This guide explains some of the terms you will encounter while using Topple Track.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1996 is the United States Law that criminalizes the production and distribution of copyrighted works. It spells out the rules by which we can fight on your behalf against pirate sites and search engines that link to such sites.

Authorized URL

A copyright URL is a reference link for your product. This should be a link to your website, or anything that corresponds to your album and/or record label. Listing all of your legitimate links in the authorized URL section of the site also helps keep us for issuing takedown requests against your authorized content.


Topple Track users have access to graphs showing activity for their entire account and for individual protected releases.


When Topple Track identifies a site either offering your protected work for illicit download or stream, it will appear in your graph as Found. This category additionally includes urls that link to illegal offerings of your content.


A Found link becomes toppled when the link is no longer accessible. The site's owner/administrator has either taken down the page or their hosting service has taken down the site.


Our searches sometimes turn up reference to your content that are not malicious. If someone tweets about your album, it will show up here. It's worth double checking these links in case you find illegal use of your content that manages to slip past our filters.


Hidden links are those that have been removed from Google's and/or Bing's search results. It takes time for a Found link to be Toppled, but DMCA requests search engines are lightning fast. For sites operating illegally or outside the jurisdiction of the DMCA, fully Toppling a site is not possible, but if no one can not find sites that are stealing your content, the only alternative is to get it from your legitimate sources.



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