Using Topple Track

If you are a Symphonic client, you can use Topple Track within your SymphonicMS login. Additionally you can get statistics on your protection via SymphonicMS.

To use Topple Track, you can apply it at the release details level when you create a new release.

Release Level (Select "Enable" on the check box)


If you'd like to use it for a past release:

  1. Go to the Distribute section in the top navigation and click on View Releases.
  2. Find your release and click on the Topple Track button to apply protection.

After release is approved (Click "Topple Track" icon), under "View Releases"


To view your statistics, click on "Piracy Dashboard" under the "Distribute" menu (please allow up to 72 hours for results).

Note: If you are not a Symphonic Distribution client, you can register directly via www.toppletrack.com

How often does Topple Track search?

Topple Track scans and submits DMCA takedowns on a daily basis.

0 links found, is this even working?

Yes, the system is indeed working but hasn't easily found any links. Topple Track scans thousands of websites and Google Searches to work hard at locating your music and protecting it.

Reporting illegal links

If you have found a link that we have not disclosed, please submit it in the system.

  • Go to the 'Releases' section in Topple Track.
  • Click on the release you want to report the associated link.
  • At the bottom is a protected items list. Click the 'Add illegal link' button at the end of the row.
  • There you will be able to paste in the link and Topple Track will take care of it.



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