About Topple Track

Topple Track is an anti piracy platform owned and operated by Symphonic Distribution. We scour the internet for content supplied by our users and submit DMCA takedowns via Google. Topple Track is available to distributed and non-distributed clients of Symphonic.

A part of the Symphonic family

Being part of the Symphonic family, we interact with clients on a daily basis. We observe how the potential of our user's releases become negatively impacted being spread around the internet before and during the release cycle. We ease our user's worries and help funnel their fans to the correct channels for their music.

How does Topple Track work?

You simply enter in information about your release and you're off to the races to find pirated content. Topple Track will scan the internet for any matches of your content.

Once we identify pirated content we send out automated DMCA takedown requests to Google to remove the URLs from their search results and/or the website operators. Links and files are processed and removed as soon as possible because of Topple Track’s relationship with Google and file sharing websites that are most commonly involved in the piracy process.

Below is a brief info graphic showing the process.


How effective is Topple Track?

We scan and submit takedowns on a daily basis and we are ever-optimizing our search to root out as many illegal links as possible. We've taken down over 7 million illegal links from search results and continue to do so. You can view our full transparency report through Google here.

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